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A very popular saying goes that dont feed the needy with fish instead teach and guide him how to fish. Feeding him today will satisfy his hunger today; whereas teaching and guiding him how to fish will ensure he never sleeps hungry for the rest of his life.

Elite body of RYA has been handholding the aspirations of scores of student youth community and guiding the same to the right paths for many decades now.


  • Knowledge is considered to be the most powerful tool, second only to the blessings of the parents and the almighty.
  • RYA Book bank has been bridging the gap between the aspiration and needs of thousands and lakhs of poor and needy students for whom the basic affordability of books is also a Question Mark..!!


Our main service project, RYA BOOK BANK, started in 1964, is the one of the oldest and largest of its kind in INDIA. Under this project, over 87000 college students have been loaned, free of cost without any discrimination.