Welcome to Rajasthan Youth Association

Serving The Cause Of Education Since 1964

Rajasthan Youth Association was "formed 50 years "ago to promote fellowship & render service to society. Started in 1963, by a group of 25 enterprising and service minded youth, mostly businessmen, who came together to foster fellowship, imbibe leadership and serve society selflessly. Today, we have amongst our members, professionals in the fields of accountancy, engineering and business administration, technologists, lawyers, industrialists and businessmen.
" Serving The Cause Of Education Since 1964 "
The Association is now, of over 225 members settled in Chennai (formerly Madras), capital of Southern Indian State of Tamilnadu, but with origins in the North Indian State of Rajasthan.With it's main Social Service project is the Book Bank Project that is now in the "50th year" and it is the oldest and largest of its kind in India.
icon RYA Book Bank

RYA's primary aim and focus is to serve the student community for the cause of education.RYA provides the Text Books to deserving and needy students without discrimination.Merit and economic background are the only criteria for selecting a student to distribute books.

icon RYA Career Fest 2015

We have noticed that there are huge number of students being unemployed and the same time there are list of companies scouting for young employees. To fill this gap, RYA with its more than thousand beneficiaries every year, is launching unique job fair project - "Career Fest".

icon RYA Foundation

Our main service project, RYA Book Bank, started in 1964, is the one of the oldest and largest of its kind in INDIA. Under this project, over 87000 college students from Arts & Commerce to Engineering have been loaned, free of cost without any discrimination.





Your acts of generosity can make a change for better ....
A small thing like donating, we do it almost everyday . But where a book is involved as the donation, the impact is endless. Exposure to standard texts is difficult in this region of the world, the distance and costs prove huge barriers. RYA has been a medium since 1964 to make it reach to the deserving students irrespective of caste, creed or religion through this unique project of managing and renedering text book absolutely free of cost through the completion of full term of the beneficiary student. Looking forward to receiving support from you. Cause I truly want to believe that everyone wants to help, but does not know where exactly to start from.
We have various schemes to render for generous cause:

    You can support of Rs 500/- to upkeep the average cost per book, that will reach the deserving student


    You can support Rs 2500/- to Manage one set of books, for the average cost through the year for the desreving student.


    You can support Rs 7500/- that will take care of the entire course term for the desreving student from Arts, Science, and commerce


    You can support Rs 11000/- for a deserving engineering student for his entire term through the 8 semester.

All the Donations are exempte under 80(G) of Income Tax Act. Cheque / Draft Infavour of Rajasthan Youth Association Education Trust.


icon 1Rajasthan Youth Association
#4, Atkinson Street,Atkinson Palace,
Ground Floor, Vepery,
Chennai - 600 007, INDIA.

icon 2 044 - 2561 0396 / 2561 0978

icon 3rya@live.in

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